Aqua & Alfons

In Development


Screenplay: Jasmina Wesolowski
Free after a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen
A Sinnema Animation Studio movie

In the eternal darkness of the deep sea lies the brightly shining kingdom ATLANTICA, where the people of the SEAPEOPLE live. Everything in this world is about magic and the worship of a pearl, the energy source of the sea people. Here one fears the “people of the upper world” who bring death and destruction with their inventions. Sea princess AQUA (12) tinkers in an improvised workshop with prohibited human waste, which lands on the seabed. She wants nothing more than to become a mechanic on the human island of CLOCKWORK ISLAND. But if she floated to the surface, her body would burst because of the pressure. Aquas’ father, King POSEIDON (43) sees no other way out than having his rebellious daughter trained to become the GUARDIAN OF THE PEARL, a kind of clergyman, if she does not want to marry any merman.

In her desperation, Aqua seeks out the outcast sea witch MEDUSA (51) who was rumored to be on the surface. Medusa can no longer swim, which is why Aqua builds a vehicle that can move Medusa. Thankfully, Medusa brews a potion that allows Aqua to float to the surface and give her a human form. But there is a catch: every step will hurt Aqua, and her true shape will be recognized each time she comes into contact with water.

Aqua floats to the surface and finds her dream island: everything on Clockwork Island is ticking and clicking. The handicapped and foreign-language girl is warmly received by the unfortunate, believing inventor ALFONS (13) and his family.
Aqua knows how to help. She builds a walker and a machine that translates her marine into human language.
Clockwork Island is in trouble because of energy shortages. The king, the island’s biggest inventor, is organizing a contest to solve the problem. The winner will win fame and fortune. The opportunity for Alfons, with Aqua at his side, to finally get rid of his reputation as a joke. Aqua decides to help, but soon faces prejudice against her people. People think the deep-sea dwellers are primitive monsters. To make matters worse, Alfons recognizes Aquas’ true shape and is startled.
Injured, Aqua returns to the deep sea. At the same time, Alfons learns that his uncle FERAX (57), the king’s shady servant, is planning evil. He wants to steal the pearl of Atlantica with a
submarine. That would mean the safe death of the sea people. Can Aqua and Alfons together save the sea people?