Nora The Explorer on the Green World Tour

What used to be the extra portion of milk or the extra vitamins are today the extra dose of organic argan oil, organic jeans, organic vanilla and organic this and that. In advertising, companies seem to have discovered a new favorite color for themselves: green. Due to the mass of products, seals and labels, it is often not easy for the end user. Relevant information can be found on the internet, on consumer protection pages or at trade fairs.
On October 13, I attended such a fair, the Green World Tour on the HU campus in Berlin. There were numerous lectures on the subjects of mobility, science, lifestyle and consumption and career. Of course everything in green, fair, sustainable and vegan.

Personally, I was particularly interested in the exhibitors who presented innovations in e-mobility and wind energy. I liked the interaction and the opportunity to ask critical and honest questions. During the day I was able to try an e-scooter, do a VR tour of a hybrid house and play a quiz on power consumption in the home.

1. Green-World Tour   5. Green-World Tour.3. Green-World Tour.           Geen_coffins

For the Sinnema animation studio, especially new technologies in the areas of VR and creative approaches to the visualization of social-ecological topics are relevant. It struck me that the color green is already dominating the trade fair area and that many companies now show small clips with animated characters. These figures can then be found in the brochures and information materials. Emotional storytelling – away from the simple green logo with tree, seems to be an effective marketing tool.

And then there was my personal highlight: Green Coffins – braided either from wild pineapple, willow, banana leaves or bamboo. The design is reminiscent of an oversized fruit basket with a lid.

“Greencoffins radiate a greater attachment to nature in contrast to traditional wooden coffins.” I scratch my head and throw the question in the room, what is so wrong and unnatural about wood? Naturally, the gentlemen at the stand also had an answer, admittedly unsatisfactory, at the ready: “The natural and friendly charisma of the massive, traditional wooden coffins makes the sight of the coffin easier during the funeral.” Well, whether the maximum of 20 minutes sight be worthwhile during the funeral, be put there. The fact is, the person in the coffin is and remains dead. And I dare to doubt that an organic coffin woven from banana leaves can change that. May he be so friendly. At best, the relatives get an appetite for fruit when they see it – and that’s something too.

By the way, there is also the model “Green Urn”. You can find the whole thing good, but you do not have to.

Pictures: Autarkia GmbH

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