The Top 5 of Sustainable Networking Types in Berlin.

2017 was marked by a trend. In 2018 it continues. We are talking about Sustainable Networking Events. As Nora The Explorer, I visit sustainable events and report about them. During the events I meet quite some people. The following text is dedicated to these people.

Sometimes it has something of a car accident – you know, you should not look, but you just can not take your eyes off it. Networking Events in Berlin. Oh Berlin, you mangy juggernaut. You social catch basin for stranded hipsters, high performers and bored account managers, who are fused with the interior of café bars. You potpourri of over-achievement, pretentiousness and irony. We are united by a hate-love. When the who’s who of the Sustainable Meetup scene gathers in Berlin, it never gets boring. In the past months, I have attended 27 events. The topics were: green trade fairs, sustainability, climate change, marketing, degrowth, fair fashion, film festivals and also business meetups and various networking events. You do not want to generalize and you should not put people in drawers. But I do it anyway. Just throw all intentions and principles over the pile. Why not. If you feel personally attacked – please send a message to with the subject: “Irony-free intimate zone”. So, here comes my personal top 5 of the Sustainable Networking types in Berlin:

1. The Eco-Hipster

A work of art is produced with all parts of the body, photos of crumbling house facades are shot, music is played together in the desert and the beard is worn with pride. Of course we’re talking about the hipster aka homo individualis. Distinguishing features: urban second-hand clothing, tight-fitting jeans, complicated, maximum uncomfortable-looking shoes and special horn-rimmed glasses. The messy hair shows effortless coolness. The independent thinkers and counter-cultural devils carry the magnificent beard with casual pride and irony. They unite an iconic coffee religion with progressive politics and celebrate themselves for their appreciation of niche art, indie rock and witty teasing like no other. “We avoid mainstream advertising and media!”, but Apple is a must. Oh hipster, you are the pioneer of the trendiness. You are the measure of all things – continue to indulge your own lifestyle, because if we have overtaken you fashionably, you have already moved on. I’m curious to see which decade you’ll rediscover next. How about 1290? Knight armor and chastity belts scream after a fashion revival.

You write on a typewriter because an analog lifestyle is much more authentic and down-to-earth. Yes, what are they writing on the typewriter? Oh, a code for an app – oh, what irony! The only thing I really want to teach these people is the true meaning of irony. And funny hats are no irony. They are just funny.

2. The Jesus imitators

They want to save the world and plunge into every discussion with their endless optimism. They are living an extreme form of sustainability and gathering around an ominous group of people – I like to call them the “green disciples”. Their bible are magazines such as “Forum Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften” (Forum of Sustainable Economy), “Utopia” and “Enorm”. Maybe we need these fanatical do-gooders with a penchant for self-mortification. It is a place where radical veganism is lived, no plastic, no parabens, no pesticides, 100% fair trade and organic  – extreme sustainability. The Jesus imitators regard themselves as the Messiah and Son of God sent by God for the salvation of all people. Mission: to save society from capitalism. Their actions are characterized by self-sacrifice and charity. “Can we not adopt all the African orphans and plant a small grain of mustard seed?” For what is not already said in John’s Gospel, chapter 10, verse 9, “I am the door; if anyone goes in through me, he will be saved, and he will go in and out, and find pasture. ”


3. The Socializer

It is a temporary exhausting mixture of ADHD and maximum extroversion. These people are real human catchers and causing the laughs in the group. Be it to live out their helper syndrome or the constant urge to communicate – the Socializers are magnets and know how to make conversation. Real networking pros. A good sense for group dynamics and interpersonal nuances do not make a good socializer though. Only the talent to skillfully sarcastic remarks and ironic objections in the appropriate places completes the Socializer package. Because humor connects. This was already known by the game makers of Sims, who give humor points for the social account to the players when they make others laugh. The Socializers give you the feeling that you have known each other for years. One wonders where they take all the empathy and sympathy for their fellow human beings – is it all just show in the end? Hard to imagine in an industry that pays people to be nice and friendly to other people. Irony end.

Common Job Profile: Social Media stuff. “For my clients, I develop strategies and campaigns for self-presentation via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Co. I also conduct seminars and hold lectures on topics such as image maintenance on the Internet or social media evaluation.” People meet at events such as congresses, barcamps , Tweetups, to network with the right people.

4. The High-Performance-Business-Meetup-Organizer

This fascinating group of people are probably my favorite types. They are absolutely lone fighters and live between co-working spaces and cafés of the same name. Their complete life is documented on Facebook, because that is so if you want to do business successfully. “Psst, I did not tell you, but …” I’m homeless. That’s because I’m always living and working in castles and coworking spaces. I just can not afford a normal office. But do not tell anyone! “- of course always in English, so that the two American friends on Facebook understand everything. Inclusion instead of exclusion. The concept works. At networking events, they act as notorious know-it-alls and seem a bit digitally disabled. Her timeline is full of profound worldly wisdom and Power-Monday-Memes a la Barney Stinson. As if social media was a bathroom mirror in which one promises courage and self-confidence with the morning mantra. Real example: “A river cuts through a rock because of its power but its persistence” Aha, ok thanks. I would also have a Franconian wisdom at the start here: “Wenn’s Arscherl brummt, ist’s Herzerl g’sund (When the ass is buzzing, the heart is healthy). Features include: In-ear headphones always on the line, 24/7 online, so as not to miss any networking opportunity – it could be an important relationship. “And what are you doing?” “I organize monthly business meetups in which we smear honey on each other’s faces and thus create a platform to feel really cool and important. Then we share our amazing insights from tech conferences and gather our expertise with free Google classes and webinars.” And never forget: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” —Howard Thurman

(Please insert random stock photo of sunset, mountains or forest here).

5. The Spiritual

Here the world rescue motif is filled with love, light and enlightenment. We just meditate on climate change and channel all negative vibes from the universe. Alternatively, the Congo can also be freed from etheric energies through mass meditation. I admit, the calm and serenity of the self-styled gurus is enviable, albeit a bit disturbing. They have the absolute truth and answers to all questions of life. The head must not be used, because thinking is negative – please act only with the heart. Archangel Michael, Master Kuthumi or Batman – everyone has a higher connection in the 5th dimension. The Tarot community has seemingly lost touch with reality and faces critics with a blissful grin. Most of all I was glad about the invitation to a Chakra Tuning Workshop – but my anticipation quickly disappeared when I learned that this was not a meeting for music and singing together.

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