Animated Sci-Fi Music Videos

The Berlin band Cosmoliner  ( creates groovy space-pop music. Sinnema Animation Studio created a visual world for the songs “Changing You” and “Secrets”, immersing the listener in unknown universes, colorful animations and crazy characters.


A scavenger searches the galaxy for certain metal objects that could help her finalize her robot. Why is she building this robot? Is there someone else out there in space that is following her? The titles “Changing you” and “Secret” were developed into intriguing stories and translated into the visual language of animation.


Based on the script, we create the storyboards to start visualizing the 2D animations, focusing on layouts, camera direction and frame compositions. These are the foundations for the animation and design of the music video.


Finally, it’s time to animate the videos. We maintained the elegiac style of the musical language and animated the characters and beings on the alien planets using 2D, frame by frame animation, with a focus on character animation.

Character Design

What do these characters look like and what kind of world do they live in? Both the character designs and the background designs of the worlds show ideas of what this animated world can look like, and how it all fits together in one cohesive visual style.


The designs of the worlds are created with great attention to detail, designing the alien planets and their different environments for the animations.