BIG – Short films against domestic violence

Do you know this situation?

How do children who have or are experiencing domestic violence feel? How do they feel when one of their parents gets humiliated, offended or even beaten? Where can these kids get help?  6 girls and boys tell us their individual stories in the film “Do you know this situation?” 2019 Sinnema cooperates with the Berlin Initiative against violence against women (BIG e.V.). With support of the Lotto Stiftung Berlin Sinnema creates a short film that will be part of educational work at schools.  

Character Design

To create a divers field of characters within the different family’s Sinnema produces a huge set of character designs. This will help the kids identifying with the story.

Character Sheets

Designs of different poses and facial expressions of the characters help us to know how to animate the characters. How do they look like when they are angry for example? What are their personalities? 


From script to storyboard – taking the steps to the final 2D animation film.

From sketch to animation


Before we can dive into the work of animating we create styleframes. This way we can transport the mood and atmosphere of the film and show in advance what the film is going to look like.