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“Sinn” is a german word which translates to sense, essence or meaning, “Sinnema” – creates meaningful and impactful visual content. We develop your vision and bring it into motion that reaches and engages a wider audience. Our range goes from 2D to 3D Animation, from Motion Graphics, Cut-Out-Animation to Stop Motion Animation – Together we will find the right storytelling and the best animation technique to produce your vision.

Our Services

Social Media Campaigns

Do you have a message or a product that you would like to distribute over several different media channels? Do you want to reach certain target groups? Contact us and together we will design a suitable campaign for you.


An animated explainer video is a well-known way to simplify even the most complicated content. While assuring the information is tailored for your target group, we also put an emphasis on the way we develop your project.


Do you work for a museum, an art gallery or an agency? Would you like to present animated sequences on an event, a festival or a concert?  We can develop for you the storytelling, design, animation and the technical implementations.

CSR Communication

Companies around the world must face the fact, that only profit making cannot be the goal any longer. As a result, Corporate social responsibility is growing bigger as an issue within the companies but also for the message to consumers. Sinnema is an expert on the field of CSR communication.

Short Film / Trailer

Have you written a script and would like to create a teaser or a trailer? Do you have an idea for a short film and would like to see it come to life?  Approach us and we can find a way together to produce your vision.

Advertising / Image Film: 

The technique is yours to choose: 2D animation, 3D animation, or maybe stop motion: We will make you and your product remarkable and unforgettable. From Start Ups to well established companies.

Our Process


Do you have an idea or a vision – tell us about it. Together we will find the best way to get your project going, either as a film, as an animation, within a campaign or as a Virtual Reality project.


After we fully understood your idea or message, we find its essence and create a concept for the best way to convey this essence. At this point we also create a project plan and a time plan for the whole project.


Based on the concept we develop a script, a storyboard and the visual designs that would best convey its mood and content.


After we have developed every prior step in detail with you, we now bring your idea to life by animating the designs according to the storyboard and script.

Our Partners and Clients