Mega Sport Events

A behind the scenes of mega sport events?

Joint campaign with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

2022 it will happen again: The soccer world master ship. This time it will take place in Qatar. What happened prior to this huge sport event? How are the workers treated who make such an event possible? Sinnema creates a campaign to show, what is really going on behind the scenes. Can we still be soccer fans by knowing all the facts?

Explainer Video

WM in Qatar

2D animation about the world mastership

What are the living conditions of the millions of workers that came to Qatar to prepare for this mega event?  How much money do they earn and where are they housed? The animated film explains and clears up the real conditions in Qatar of the last years leading up to the event.


The storyboard visualises the script and gives us a good picture of how the film will look like in the end.


Sinnema creates visually the 2D animated world of the workers and tries to keep the joy of soccer at the same time alive.


To pay respect the work of the millions of people that build the infrastructure in Qatar we created a strong and unique design.

Folding map 

A go for a fairplay

Folding map for several more mega events

Next to the 2D animated film we created a folding map that shows several other mega sport events of the past and how they have effected the regions and lives of the people.

We kept the CD of the video in order to stay visually in line with the campaign video.