Save The Children campaign

Save the wishes

Save The Children Deutschland and Sinnema Animation Studio collaborated again in 2020 to create a fundraising campaign. As the lead agency we produced the concept, keyvisuals, claim and 3 social media spots. With the Covid-19 pandemic causing and worsening many crisis all around the world, we rarely have time to spare for children’s wishes – for wishes not concerned about material goods, just wishes every child should be able to have.

Developing the Keyvisuals

To create a keyvisual that is easily recognized, we decided to partly base it on the Save the Children logo in a “childlike” style.

From Storyboard to Animation for Social Media


From concept to visuals: For the first step of the animation process a storyboard is made to visualize the ideas and to test out if the message works on film.


From the designs and storyboard to the animation. Here are the final spots:

Rigging is an integral part before starting with the animation process.

Campaign assets

Many different visuals were designed for the different parts of the campaign.



On top of that we designed different version of the claim and the logo.

Print Material

Wishing well

For the website we designed a dynamic graphic of a wishing well, showing how much has been donated. A fun way of showing the donation-barometer.