Water doesn’t flow out of the rooster!

Campaign – “Water doesn’t come out of the tap’

Sinnema Animation Studio collaborated with Rebmann+Poguntke to produce three short, animated commercials for Berliner Water supplier. The commercials aim to draw attention to excessive water consumption and how to reduce it, using the motto ‘Water doesn’t come out of the tap’. The word ‘tap’ in german can also mean ‘rooster’, and so our main character – The rooster, was born!


Skizzenhafte Bildauflösung der drei 15-Sekünder.


The water-spitting rooster is brought to life through classic 2D frame-by-frame animation. The workflow ranges from sketched rough animation, to clean up and detailed highlights and shading.

Rough Animation

Clean Up



Style development

To find the right style, we tried out different visual approaches, from colourful, crazy and exaggerated cartoon-like illustrations to a more adult, realistic style, which still has a unique and authentic design.

Character Design

The main character of the campaign is the rooster. Here we explore different stylistic approaches, for each approach we have created a character sheet in order to understand how this character would behave and how it could be animated. Once we chose a stylistic direction, we also created a character turn around, which allows our animators to see how this character looks like from every angle.


Different designs and layout for the animations.

Ad Motifs

The campaign also included the creation and design of print motifs, which will be seen all over Berlin.