Water doesn’t come out of the rooster!

Campaign »Not out of the rooster«

Sinnema animation studio produces in collaboration with Rebmann+Poguntke three short animated spots for the Berliner Wasserbetriebe. “Wasser kommt nicht aus dem Hahn!” – Water does not come out of the tap! – Don’t waste it!. In german the word “Hahn” translates to rooster but also to tap (faucet). Out of this double meaning the slogan “Water doesn’t come out of the rooster” was born!


Sketching out the camera direction and compositions of the three fifteen seconds long spots.


The water spouting rooster was brought to life using 2D frame by frame animation. The animation workflow began with sketched rough animation, then continued with the clean up of the rough animation into clear elegant lines, and ended with the final step of the colouring and shading of the characters.

Rough Animation

Clean Up



Style development

In order to find the right style for the campaign, we have tried out different visual directions, from very cartoony and exaggerated designs to a more realistic, but still exaggerated and unique character design.

Character Design

The core of the campaign was the character design of the rooster. In order to get this very important piece of the puzzle just perfect and find the right design, we tried different design directions and poses for the rooster.


Different designs and layout for the animations.

Ad Motifs

The campaign also included the creation and design of print motifs, which are displayed all over Berlin.