Water doesn’t flow out of the rooster reloaded

The rooster is back, demanding to save water again!

The rooster is spitting water again. Sinnema and Rebmann&Pogundtke are teaming up once more for another round of the successful ‘Water doesn’t come out of the rooster/ tap’ series, continuing the 2022 campaign for the Berliner Water supplier with even greater vigour. Sinnema produced a total of 6 animated films.


Sinnema created the storyboards for the animated films based on the scripts. In this way, we were able to discuss the content and sequence of the films with the client. Visualising the scripts at the beginning of production helps to clarify in detail how the film will work in the end.


To bring the rooster and its fight to save water to life, Sinnema once again utilised the power of 2D frame-by-frame, traditional animation. Our animation process included – Rough animation, clean up, color, shadows and highlights and compositing.

Character Design

To create new funny stories, we needed to design new characters. This time, we focused on creating interesting and lively characters of people in Berlin. And of course, we can’t forget about our protagonist, the rooster!


First we created style frames to be approved by the client and then we went on to design all the detailed layouts and backgrounds based on the storyboard.

Social Header

For the social headers, we have revised and tweaked the layouts again.


We also prepared the motifs for print and outdoor advertising. Among other things, we produced the print advertising for advertising pillars, but also for large poster areas in Berlin. We also produced poster cards that can be used as stickers for decoration afterwards.