Das große Sterben

An artistic exploration of the earth-historical mass extinction

In cooperation with Heller Enterprises in Zurich, the Sinnema Animation Studio has created a gigantic animation for the Natural History Museum in Bern. On a 3 by 8 meter screen, Sinnema creates a special kind of experience: the exhibition “End of the World – End Without End” deals with our earth and its ends. Because, things have always died. And compared to our human dimensions dying happened over several million years. But again and again our planet has recovered.

The challenges of the animation

The animation is not a realistic representation of the 6 periods of recent geological mass extinction. Rather, it is about an associative experience for the visitor to the exhibition, who is sensitively and aesthetically made aware of a recurring condition. And the time dimension becomes visible: the millions of years that we, as human beings, have a hard time imagining.

The Team

For this exciting development, we worked together with Marc Osswald and Niv Shpigel on the concept. Marc works a lot in the installation and exhibition area and has developed the concept with fresh ideas in the direction of “adventure animation” with us. Niv has been part of the Sinnema universe for quite some time and has incorporated his talents in the area of designs and styles. The sound design, which had to tell a totally different world, but still has to work decently enough for an exhibition with many other auditory impressions, has been, as so often, taken over by Daniel Matz.

Image (from left to right): Adam Yassour, Niv Shpigel, Julia Bruton, Simon Reichenbach and Marc Osswald.

Development of Designs

03 style

3D Mockups

Final Designs