Making Of

Make corporations responsible

The forum for fair trade wanted to expand their campaign “make corporations responsible”; SINNEMA has developed a cinematic idea that will shine a light and bring attention to the wrong-doings within the global production chains.  And encourage German corporations to start being responsible for global working rights and if necessary change their production methods.
We decided to achieve this through an emotional storytelling, rather than a formal explainer video, where we mainly focus on one character, as the one example of rights abuse. In this manner the audience has the chance to identify with a character instead of viewing numbers and facts – which are horrible but not always tangible. The main goal of the campaign was to reach new audiences that have not necessarily heard of the forum fair trade and are less aware or do not yet care about production methods and worker rights. The video was a huge success with over 300.000 views on facebook. 

The story

At the beginning we experience the nice and clean look of a modern smart phone commercial. The display detaches elegantly from the smart phone, revealing the disturbing truth which lies inside it; normally hidden from the consumers eyes.
Instead of high-tech wires and chips, we find a building block that shows different stages of the chain of production of a smart phone. The camera moves closer – into the building blocks where we meet Lu – a sweatshop worker from China. We experience a working day in her life and get a glimpse of her surroundings, her working conditions and a life threatening situation that she must face.