Lotta’s journey

In the waters of Brandenburg there is a hidden world, the world of the burbot. Sinnema, in collaboration with the media agency – Sinnwerkstatt and the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment, has brought this world to life through a mix of frame by frame and cut out, 2D rigged animation.

In this explainer video we meet Lotta, who takes us on a journey through the waters of Brandenburg, showing us where she comes from, how she lives, and where she returns to give birth to her offspring.


A storyboard was drawn to show the client what Lotta’s journey will look like. Visualising the script helps to show in advance how this explainer will work. Through the Storyboard we understand the direction of the film, which includes – Camera angles, framing of the shots, editing and the narrative of the story.


After approval of the designs and the storyboard, we set out to create the 2D animation of Lotta’s journey. In this case we mixed frame by frame, traditional, hand drawn animation with a 2D rigged, cut out animation. This allowed us to be more quick and efficient but maintaining the quality and production value of the explainer. For the special effects like the water ripples and splashes, we animated “straight forward”, using only hand drawn 2D animation to achieve a more unique and natural feel.


We created style frames, character designs, background designs and a colour palette based on real-life references of the location and the different animals.