arte Karambolage


Sinnema created a film for the popular German and French TV format Karambolage on arte about the question: Why aren’t there as many children’s cafés in France as there are in Germany? A children’s café, or in german – Kindercafe, is a place where parents AND children can feel at ease.


A storyboard for the animated film was created based on a script received directly from the TV channel arte.


In this project we have used a variety of collage animation techniques, mixing digital cut out animation with stop motion, hand drawn animation and even live footage.

Behind the Scenes

In addition to using the collage technique, this project also required a live-action shoot. We filmed the actors in front of a green screen and then composited them in the animated world we created for the film.

Style Development

Our art director and animator, Miriam Jacquiot, has created wonderfully playful designs for the Children’s Café that will appeal to both young and old. She uses her unique visual language to create beautiful collage layouts.

First Draft

Final Styleframe


Detailed layouts and backgrounds based on the storyboard