Dove Galaxy

Your Pleasure Has Promise

Dove Galaxy, a Mars brand, supports women around the world. By 2030, Dove Galaxy aims to empower and support one million people within their communities. Sinnema Animation Studio produced the 2D animation for this campaign in collaboration with Radical Media and Okay Studio and Kenyan director Amirah Tajdin. Colourful and powerful 2D worlds were animated that tell us about 5 different women, in a smooth transition from live action film to animation and back.



Our first step was the storyboard: in this particular campaign project, it served as the guideline and layout for visualising the animation, the live action parts and the transitions between the documentary footage and the 2d, frame by frame animated footage. A rough cut was then created with the storyboard, which served as the base for the timing of the animation and the live action shots.


The animation consisted of two parts: The first part was the colourful 2D worlds of the five women, while the second part was the transitions between the live-action material and the animations. These transitions have the appearance of liquid chocolate, serving as a constant thread that guides us through the video and gives this mixed media campaign a cohesive look and feel.


Style development

We were on the lookout for a unique, custom design that would truly represent our local heroes. Our main goal was to find a colourful and stylish look that would still preserve their authenticity. We made sure that the background designs complemented the character design to create a cohesive and harmonious overall image.


For the hero shots of the women, we designed custom made letterings of their names, representing the look and feel of the campaign


Layouts of the different worlds were drawn in order to time and edit the camera movements before we started to animate and design the different assets and characters. This allowed us to be more flexible with changes at the beginning of production. Animation in general and especially 2d, frame by frame, traditional animation, is a time consuming technique – So we needed to be sure the timing of the shots worked!