Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

The goal of the organization “Viva con Agua” is to improve the sanitation and drinking water supply in developing lands. The original idea and foundation came from professional soccer players from FC St. Pauli; by 2014 already 55 active supporters of the organization could be counted in Europe. During the festival season “Viva con Agua” raises awareness through compost- bathrooms, reusable cups and good vibes.

The Task

Our task was to to create a snappy – attention grabing 30 sec video that would be screened throughout Germany in the summer festivals. The video had to show festival gowers how they can support Viva con Agua, through collecting cups, selling VcA water bottles and using the specialcompost – toilettes, all wiith the slogan – “Water for everyone! Everyone for water!”. 

The Challenge

The goal was to catch the attention of the festival gowers without disrupting the festival atmosphere.  To achieve this, we decided to use a combination of cut out and traditional animation to bring to life a bunch of crazy festival type characters. We also used fast tempo editing and made sure that everything, from the animatic onwards, was on beat, resulting in a video that sounds, looks and feels like a summer festival. The editing and animation relied heavily on an excellent original track, composed by our friends – 2:38 band!