Ministry of the Environment – Interactive Touchscreen

An interactive screen
to showcase your specific content

In the spring of 2020 we developed an app which will be used on an interactive touchscreen exhibit, curated by the Ministry of the Environment (BMU). Using gamification techniques to create a more intuitive User Experience, the app conveys contents and information on the Ministry in a playful and coherent way. A  challenge we faced was finding the best possible solution for organizing all of the contents and conceptualizing an intuitive interface for it to fit into.
The interactive exhibit will be available at fairs at events for those who are interested in exploring it.

For the first version of the app, we focussed on 3 main areas of the Ministry:

Milestones in Environmental Politics

An array of important milestones which the Ministry has accomplished are listed here in chronological order. Using the filter provided, users can read about milestones in areas such as Environmental Protection, Biodiversity, Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection and Climate Protection.

We also added in a quiz in which users may test their knowledge on the previous 9 Environmental Ministers and when their respective terms in office were.



Screen design

National Parks

On this map users can explore the national parks of Germany. By touching the colored pins provided, pictures and detailed information on national parks, animal- and plant-life, and bodies of water can be filtered out specifically to create a clearer view of the map and a more defined search experience.

There is also an interactive illustration which allows users to learn more about the Wadden Sea (Wattenmeer) by using a slider to control and see the effects of the tide. Additionally, a short explainer video gives 7 reasons why it is important to protect our oceans.

7 good reasons to protect our oceans

Insect Protection

Here, users can use the buttons provided to explore an array of questions regarding wild bees. These lead to pop-ups, in which the questions are answered by means of pictures and videos.

Green Week