Image-Video for program for localisation

The Welthungerhilfe, Caritas International and the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe created the localisation program called:  ToGETHER! – Towards Greater Effectiveness and Timeliness in Humanitarian Emergency Response. In 8 countries and with more than 40 local partner organisations they support capacity building in the areas of crisis, immediate response, coordinating financing and helping them, getting their agendas through within the international scale.  Sinnema was lucky to be able to work together on this ToGETHER project.


We visualise the script by translating it into camera movement and movements of the characters via sketching.


Different forms and icons represent different parts of the program. We keep them in steady movement to show what each country does within their implementation of different program points. Thus they serve as visual guideline and lead the viewer through the different topics of the video.

Development of the style

In order to find the right style we tested different color ranges and different depictions of the characters until we decided on a strong orientation within the original corporate  colours of the ToGETHER program.


Final designs on basis of the layouts from the storyboard.