The Matriarx

The Matriarx

– An immersive VR experience

Short description

The Matriarx takes the experiencer into a world where matriarchal structures have endured. It is a parallel world in which people treat each other based on a different set of societal rules. This has its effect on social, economic and the political life. Family and intimate relationships function differently. How do you perceive yourself in a world that follows different structures? The Matriarx will open the experiencers’ horizons by raising their curiosity and by empowering them.

This experience will attract everyone who is curious about societal change


Status Quo

After receiving some development funding by the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg in 2018 we developed a first prototype of the VR experience “The Matriarx”.  In 2020 we where nominated at the 1E9 Konferenz in Munich, an event held together with the  XR Hub Bavaria.  We pitched the project again on re:publica in may and also at the Kaleidoscope Community where it ran together with other projects for the Femme Future Grant. 

After finding our coproduction partner  Arcana Studio in Canada we got production funding in 2020 at the  MBB and the CMF in Canada. Like everything else Corona slowed the production process down a lot,  but now we finished “The Matriarx” and are currently showing it at festivals.


How does one create a world with it’s set of own rules that have been existing for thousands of years only we let it lose its magic?

The directress Julia Bruton from the Sinnema Animation Studio teamed up for the development of this VR experience with designers, architects, and illustrators to embark on this journey.

Canja, housemother of a big clan

What does a clan look like in the VR experience the Matriarx?

Anam Cara

Meet  Anam Cara – one of the magical creatures within the Matriarx. Each clan is guided and protected by one for as long as its alive. And the experiencer also takes a ride with the VR experience the Matriarx…